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on Arthur Dean's eclectic character, Silver Deep has become over the last 25 years one of the most
professional and reliable companies in all water activities:

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Arthur Dean is the youngest of 12 brothers in a family dedicated to every aspect of ocean life: 
fishing, lobstering, sailing and boat building. 
Legend says that he boarded his father's boat at age three... days old! 
Truth is that at six years old he was already driving his own boat, diving for lobsters and reeling in fish!

His unique knowledge of the Turks and Caicos reefs, facilitated his becoming the first native P.A.D.I. Dive Master on these Islands and
 discovering locations at West Caicos that are now documented and renowned scuba diving sites.

He learned his first fishing skills since he was a kid,  teaching himself new techniques every day. 
This continuous quest for improvement based on extraordinary experience has made of him renown internationally as one of the

best fishing guides in the Caribbean.

His high professionalism united to his charming and outgoing temperament will make your trip fun and hard to forget! 
Trips are often accompanied by him singing songs that he used to play with the popular reggae group: Soli and the Gang!

Arthur Dean and Paola Calabria
Captain Arthur Dean and his wife Paola

In the office you will often meet Italian born Paola, who handles Silver Deep’s Marketing. 
Thanks to her background in Marketing and Advertising, she is very attentive to customers requests.  
Several years ago she visited Provo as a tourist…and now she is here to help you to fall in love with it as she did!

Behind the desk or at the phone you will usually find  Andrea Latortue that coordinate our fleet
and that thanks to their experience, will be able to assist you with competence and a friendly smile. 

trin.gif (1335 bytes) Capt. PRINGLE - alias James Dean is considered the fastest man in the sea and the best  lobster fisherman around.
He will share with you his great knowledge of the history of all our islands and the native flora, as he did one time with "baby" brother Arthur. 
He is by far one of the most experienced Captains not only of this area but of the Caribbean, great sailor and renown builder of the legendary
"Native Sloops"
His great stories of "old man of the sea" and good communicativeness are proverbial worldwide, and everybody can enjoy his company,
thanks to his proverbial multi-lingualism: English, French, Spanish...

trin.gif (1335 bytes)Capt. ALI - alias Alexander Cordero-Nunez Native of Dominican Republic, he learned the local waters by the Deans
at Silver Deep. His gentle manners are proverbial and he made him one of the most popular Captains for family cruises and Reef-fishing.
You may meet him behind the wheels of the Silver Deep is the beginning of your best trip!


trin.gif (1335 bytes)Capt. SHAUN - alias Shanuelle Stubbs - at Silver Deep from very young age, he learned all the tricks by his cousin
Capt. Arthur and has became one of the favorites among our repeat guests. Thanks to his unique friendliness, versatility and exceptional
boat handling expertise, you will often find him at the steering of our fastest boats on private charters, fishing trips and outer island exploration.

trin.gif (1335 bytes) Capt. Leo Sutton - grew up in Blue Hills, the same settlement of the Deans and like them he learned the way among
the most difficult reefs where he will take you bottom fishing for the largest groupers. Trained over the years by Capt. Arthur for Bonefishing,
he learned his secrets and will pole to the best flats. Started as a diver, he will find conchs for you all the time for a great salad.

…join them and all our  expert Captains for a great day on our unique turquoise waters!

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tel (649) 946-5612 * fax (649) 941-5441
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